About me

Greetings, reader. I am glad that you decided to visit my Blog. My name is Grzegorz and I’m building this here website, this blog, for the kind of people like you. This website was created out of a great desire to share my enormous knowledge on army, military, and everything related to the equipment for those who love shooting. I also wish to make the subject matter of my blog interesting to those who love adrenaline, and are no strangers to survival type outings. But first things first.

The topic of army, military, all of that was present in my life ever since I remember. My great-grandfather served in Pilsudski’s Legions, his son or my grandfather is a World War 2 veteran. What shouldn’t be a surprise to you, my father also has tight connections to the army. That way I have everything in my blood that relates to the topic of army, of military.

My interests aren’t obviously limited to nothing but army and soldier’s life, that’s just one of my passions that I’m going to share. The topic of military is so vast that one should really spend a lot of time to have it all tightly „sink in”, which was the case with me, so for years now I’ve been trying the kind of „entertainment” like survival type outings, which allows me to better myself. I’m also no stranger to topics related to reenactment groups, personally I’m a member of one such group, we regularly host reenactments related to the topic of World War 2.

I’m also into the topic of military equipment for everyone. I love to spend my free time going out in the woods with my air gun and firing some shots. It allows me to relieve stress, to have a moment of real relax.

1RBLOG is a place where you’ll be able to read everything I have to share on the topics mentioned above. I try to write in a comprehensible way, so that people who are not „into it” can easily understand. I may not be able to win many people over in certain areas, but I do believe it’s always a good thing to learn new things.

That’s why I invite you all to regularly follow my blog on the topic of military. Grzegorz Koper

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