Daisy Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun Review

Daisy brings you a BB gun that is a tribute to the original design of American guns. It brings you perhaps the most popular BB gun worldwide. The reason behind its fame is owed to its closeness to the original air rifle design. Its classic look has earned the Daisy Red Ryder the status of a classic legend. However, the BB gun does not only rely upon its familiarity with the original design. It makes sure that you get a wholesome experience of shooting, bringing you the best of every aspect. The features of Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun make it the best fit for all ages, across all difficulty levels.

Basic Build: It is made with stable and sturdy foundational components so that the gun as a whole can be a picture of solid build. It comes features of lever cocking and spring air, with a stained solid wood stock and forearm. It also features a stamped metal receiver, and a metal ring that is surrounded by a leather thong.

Power and Performance: The Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun comes with a 650 shot capacity, topping at a whopping velocity of 350 feet per second. It comes with a blade and ramp front sight for targeting, with a sleek bore steel barrel.

Safety: The Daisy Red Ryder gun is suitable for anyone above the age of 10. For this reason, it comes equipped with safety mechanisms that use the cross-bolt trigger block safety.

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