Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle Review

The Raptor Whistle Air Rifle is the best in the game of noise suppression. It brings back the elegance into shooting, making it a sport of elegance ands stealth. It comes equipped with a noise reduction function that uses the novel Whisper technology. The technology is a pioneer in noise dampening techniques employed in air rifles. The technology is closely integrated into noise and muzzle blast reducing through being molded onto the barrel which creates a singular part, a mechanism trademark of Gamo.

High Tech: The Raptor Whisper Air Whistle comes equipped not only with the Gamo’s trademark noise reduction technology, but it is also equipped with IGT (Inert Gas Technology) Gas Piston. This is a special gas piston that replaces traditional spring delivering systems with greater terminal velocity, leading to less vibration when shot. This generates a stable and constant power, with a smoother effort in cocking.

Smooth and Stable: Whenever you take a shot, you are looking for smoothness and stability. The smoothness and crispness of the Smooth Action Trigger, you can take a more precise shot. The trigger action is tailored to meet your needs of pest control and hunting small game. With the precision of target shooting made possible by SAT, you will never know a shot less than perfect.

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